Belly Discovery

How far along? 30 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds – school’s been a doozy on me.

Sleep: I sleep great! I only wake up once a night. The hardest part is going back to sleep; we have these psychotic birds right outside of our apartment that NEVER sleep and never stop chirping. Ear plugs are my best friends. 

Best moment this week: I got some super cute gifts from some co-workers that made my week! They got me a couple of outfits with Shakespeare quotes on them, which I of course LOVE.

Movement: She’s CRAZY active. Her kicks and movements take my breath away; it honestly kinda makes me scared of what it’ll be like in a month, but, she can’t help having long legs I guess, right? (Excuse the undone hair and wrinkled onesie – I had just taken it out of the gift bag).


Symptoms: My lower back is starting to hurt but it’s very minimal. I’m also always hot now, which is polar opposite of how I usually am. 

Symptoms I DON’T have: Swollen ankles or feet, which is a miracle considering how long I’m on my feet every day.  Zach’s very pleased with this since he loves my feet, and he’s been wonderful telling me how beautiful and not fat I am despite how I feel. I’m also not waddling yet, and I’m ok with that. 

Food cravings: Sweet sugary things, and with a glucose test coming up it’s not good. Crystal Light FTW. 

Food aversions:  Butter. Random, I know. 

Gender: Girl – still no name and I’m ok with that. Just annoyed by people that constantly ask if we’ve decided one yet šŸ™‚

Labor Signs: Nada.

Belly Button in or out? In. I’m curious if it’ll stay that way, and part of me wants it to become an outtie just so I can say I’ve experienced both. 

What I miss: What DON’T I miss? Traveling, running, cute clothes, dancing, feeling pretty. I took these the other day to try and tell myself I’m not the fat wretch I feel I am. It sorta worked – for like 5 minutes. 


What I am looking forward to: The aforementioned things and taking my little family to Vegas for Christmas. We’ll have 2 babies there just a few months apart in age so I know it’s going to be so fun! I can’t wait to meet my newphew Maddex and have him meet my baby girl. 

Weekly Wisdom: I’ve discovered that people doing the quick look down to my chest is a whole lot better than people staring at my stomach for awkwardly long periods of time. Zach and I were grocery shopping the other day and he said to me, “Do people always stare at your belly that way? That lady just stared at it for a good minute.” Yuuuuuup.

Milestones: 4 more days of school!!!!!


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