Posted in July 2012

Gator Girls in Florida’s Everglades

Meet Captain Rob, alligator air boat captain extraordinaire. This man has been out on the swamps with the alligators from an alarmingly young age. “When I was 9, my Dad threw me in the water and said, “Swim son!” and then pulled me back out and let me drive the air boat. I’ve been here ever … Continue reading

Keys to the Keys

This short snippet is just to apologize for not posting for the last couple of days, I’m in Florida on vacation! Hoping to get to blog tomorrow or soon thereafter. I’ll have reviews about beaches, food, hotels, and transportation in the Florida Keys, including Key Largo and Key West. Hoping you’ll enjoy the pics in … Continue reading

Memoirs of a Grammar Bully

Hey. Meet my Dad. This is a picture my mom took of him in their first apartment when they were newlyweds, so he’s between 30-31 years old. A few years later my parents graduated BYU and had their first child, me! \ Many of you probably thought: “Nice ‘stache, cute kid!”when looking at these pictures. … Continue reading