37 Weeks

Well, I’ve finally rounded out and look very pregnant.


It’s funny how many people at Church tell me they didn’t know I was pregnant til recently. I am a youth leader in my Ward and this kid who I’ve taught in Sunday School for months looked at me in surprise, pointed at my stomach, and said, “Hey, you’re pregnant!” Guess my teaching was just that good (HEAVY sarcasm). At any rate, our baby girl has turned to face my back and her head and shoulders are sitting low. It’s harder for me to breathe and I go to the bathroom way more than I ever did my first trimester. Because of her current position the ultrasound wasn’t very revealing, but the tech said she’s all stretched out, which I can definitely feel. She’s measuring and weighing “average”, so that’s good I guess? I scare my husband a lot because of how hard she pokes and kicks – he worries they’re contractions but I’ve only had a few Braxton Hicks. I’m hoping she isn’t late! I’m too excited for late! I was 10 days late so I hope she doesn’t follow in my footsteps that way. Still no name – we’ve decided we’re going to have to meet her first. I ordered a bunch of stuff off of Amazon that’s slowly trickling in and we have a whole closet full of gifts from baby showers that we’re so grateful for. Can’t wait to decorate!

nursery 1

The hardest part about this last couple weeks, aside from the stress of closing paperwork, setting up new services for our new home, going to stores a million times to buy things for the house, etc, was not being able to do much moving. It took me 3 weeks to pack the apartment and it took the 5 people that helped us less than one day to load it up and unpack our whole house. I’m so grateful Heavenly Father sent angels from our ward to help me because bending down is near impossible without cutting off my breathing or it hurting. With how extremely independent and stubborn I am, it was so hard to listen to my husband and just sit in the camping chair they had for me. Sometimes I was naughty and moved things into or out of boxes, but even the people helping us barked at me. I guess most people would love to point and tell people where to move stuff, but having been single until I was 31, I’d say I’ve moved in and out of apartments/homes at least 15 times. And most of those times it was me and my sisters doing the brunt of the work, with the occasional help from home teachers. I’ve always been physically able to do things so it was extremely humbling to realize I needed to take care of my body so my body could take care of her. It was just another reminder of how much our Heavenly Father is mindful of us, despite how insignificant we feel.

Here’s the usj info:

How far along? 37 weeks! Hopefully only 2-3 more to go!

Maternity clothes? Maxi dresses and skirts, jeans and leggings.

Stretch marks? Nope. Bless my mother and genetics.
Sleep: Much less than last trimester because of how many times I’m getting up to go to the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Getting a bunch of our baby stuff and building things with my hubs.

Movement: Tons as usual. My OB said that she’s probably moving around the same amount, I can just feel it a lot more.
Food cravings: Icecream
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smells are starting to bother me a lot, which is weird at this point.

Labor Signs: Nope, 0 cm dilated.

Belly Button in or out? In. Stretched but not painful.

Wedding Ring off or on? Off from early on. My fingers are the things that have swollen the most other than my face, but my ankles are still beauts so I’ll take it!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time but am starting to get moody on occasion. My husband is a good sport though 😉

Milestones: Moving while 36 weeks pregnant. Next milestone I’m looking forward to? Decorating the nursery!

Until next time!


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