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Fallen Hosts Book 2 Teaser

Here’s a teaser for the second book of the Fallen Hosts Trilogy. It’ll be done sometime this summer! The darkness hid his face from her, but she could hear the pain she was certain was written all over it when he spoke. “Why? Why him?” Tears burned at the corners of her eyes, threatening to … Continue reading

Trust or Bust: Marriage Watch

Biannually, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come together to watch living apostles and prophets deliver messages from the Lord to admonish, strengthen, and teach those listening. Whether you are Mormon or believe in no religion, issues in relationships or marriages seem to be pretty similar across the board. Lately, I’ve seen … Continue reading

Are you a Dark Knight or a White Knight?

Knights: The poster children of chivalry and all that is good. Society has different versions of knights, most of them introduced to us through storytelling, such as: Knights of the Round Table via King Arthur Batman’s Dark Knight. Jedi Knights (Star Wars!) The Black Knight (A Kid in King Arthur’s Court – Daniel Craig certainly … Continue reading

Marrying the Unknown: How Fast is too Fast?

I live in the sinful city of Las Vegas, known for the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and quickie marriages.  I also grew up/am part of a culture and religion that tends to marry quick.  I had floormates who went on two dates and married 2 weeks later – and not at a drive-thru … Continue reading

Memoirs of a Grammar Bully

Hey. Meet my Dad. This is a picture my mom took of him in their first apartment when they were newlyweds, so he’s between 30-31 years old. A few years later my parents graduated BYU and had their first child, me! \ Many of you probably thought: “Nice ‘stache, cute kid!”when looking at these pictures. … Continue reading