Discovery: A Baby Story

I know it’s been ages since I’ve blogged   and it would TAKE ages to tell my story, but as an extremely abridged update: I finally met the love of my life, moved to Louisiana, got married in the San Diego temple, and am now expecting my first baby, a girl, due this summer! (There will be some blog posts on those chapters in my book of life at some point!) 

This morning I woke up feeling like I needed to felt share a bit about my pregnancy and liked this survey as a the platform to do so. Hope you enjoy this short simple post!

This week, baby girl is the size of a large zucchini.

First pregnancy?: Yes!

How far along?: 6 months!

Due date: July 28, 2015

Total weight gain: Only 3-5 lbs so far, weight fluctuates. The most annoying thing has been how swollen my face and fingers are, but my BP is fine and my OB insists it’s common so that’s that.

Maternity clothes?: Mostly dresses, maxi skirts, and some leggings. Just started to round out enough to wear cute maternity tops!

Best moment this week: Seeing how excited my family was to see me preggo! 

Movement: Lots of it! Little kicks are now distinct opposed to flutters. She’s most active during midday and at night when I’m not lying down exactly how she wants to. She’s always crazy active during sonograms, so much that the nurses have a hard time getting good shots.

Food cravings: I used to only want pickles but now I just crave things I can’t have: hamburger and lunch meat. I’ve also almost completely lost sugar cravings, which, if you know me, is crazy talk, but that’s been a good thing! 

Symptoms: Too many to list! 

Gender: Girl! Wasn’t surprising since I was first of 5 girls, Zach had an older sister, my dad has 2 sisters, and my mom has 3 sisters and 1 brother.

Names: We’re toying around with 5 or so but no decisions yet!

Labor Signs: N/A

Belly Button in or out?: In, dunno if it’ll change. 

Feeling towards pregnancy: The second trimester is so much easier than the first! 

What I miss: Running!!

What I am looking forward to: Working out intensely again, dressing her up, and teaching her sign language!

Milestones: Feeling lots of distinct kicks!

More updates to come!  



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