39 Week Details

What Fruit are you? Baby girl is the size of a winter melon – and my back is feelin’ it
Due date:  July 28th – ONE WEEK/7 DAYS AWAY!
How far along:  39 weeks. Not dilated at all. 
Next appointment:  Tomorrow! Last one before she’s supposed to be here
Gender:  Female still. Pretty sure.  
Exercise: Nightly walk
Stretch marks: Nope! Thanks Mom for the good genetics!
Swelling: Still in my face and fingers :/
Maternity clothes:  Yep, jeans, skirts, dresses
Belly button:  Innie
Sleep: Not much of it with the constant potty runs and other aggregates (I know, get used to it right?) 
Food cravings:  Meat!
Symptoms:  Breathlessness, feeling like my butt is all bones when I’m sitting (and if you’ve seen it, it most certainly is not), feeling antsy yet exhausted. 
Movement:  TONS. The doctor says she still has lots of room. She likes to stick her bum out and make my belly look skiwampus. 
Labor signs: None but she’s dropped some. There’s not too much difference between Week 37 and Week 39 in this pic other than that 
What I miss:  Bending over to pick up things (using your toes to pick up a dustpan is really rough), being able to get up and down off the ground quickly, traveling, and of course, working out. 
What I’m loving:  Nesting! 
What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing her little face and naming her
Best moment this week: Finding out my induction date if she doesn’t come early or on time!

News: The doctor thought it was so funny she couldn’t get a heart rate this last visit because she kept moving away from the sonogram thingy; the nurse’s eyes popped out of her head as she watched my baby girl wiggle around and distort my belly.  They told me I’m going to have my hands full. Yah. I know. 

Milestones:  She finally dropped a little!

Words of wisdom: Don’t move, buy a house, and have a baby all at once! Unless you’re crazy. So excited to bring her to our beautiful home though. 


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