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Discovering Depravity: The Hospital Stay

Having to wait so long after surgery for a nurse to come and check on me should’ve been indicative of how the rest of my stay was going to go, but when you’re shaking uncontrollably and your sole thought is your newborn child, the future becomes a far away thing. Why is it that no … Continue reading

37 Weeks

Well, I’ve finally rounded out and look very pregnant. It’s funny how many people at Church tell me they didn’t know I was pregnant til recently. I am a youth leader in my Ward and this kid who I’ve taught in Sunday School for months looked at me in surprise, pointed at my stomach, and … Continue reading

Discovering Positives in the Negatives

Discovering Positives in the Negatives

“They” say that high school is the pivotal point in your life where you discover/figure out who you are, what you want, etc, but for me, it wasn’t then, or in college, or on the spiritual life changing mission I served, it’s been during this first pregnancy. Shoot, who even knows if I really have … Continue reading

A Healthy You = A Happier, Hotter You

I’ve hemmed and hawed over sharing this very personal story¬†publicly¬†online for a while now, and I decided that if it was going to help and inspire other people, than it was worth feeling completely exposed… We all have our inner battles to fight. Call them demons, Goliath’s, trials, curses – we can’t run from them, … Continue reading