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Marrying the Unknown: How Fast is too Fast?

I live in the sinful city of Las Vegas, known for the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and quickie marriages.  I also grew up/am part of a culture and religion that tends to marry quick.  I had floormates who went on two dates and married 2 weeks later – and not at a drive-thru … Continue reading

Memoirs of a Grammar Bully

Hey. Meet my Dad. This is a picture my mom took of him in their first apartment when they were newlyweds, so he’s between 30-31 years old. A few years later my parents graduated BYU and had their first child, me! \ Many of you probably thought: “Nice ‘stache, cute kid!”when looking at these pictures. … Continue reading

Hot or Not? Ratings from Facebook to Xbox

Everyone has their own definition and opinion of what is hot or not, especially within the dating world. Facebook started off a rating system of “hotness” for goodness sake! This goes for not only physical appearance, but what people do or are interested in that is “hot or not”. I consider myself a bit of … Continue reading

How to Avoid Dating Disasters

A couple of years ago I got a roommate who I consider to be the best roommate I’ve ever had and will probably ever have. We were roomies for two years and we had a blast talking about boys. One night when I was really frustrated with a particular young man I was dating at the … Continue reading

Date with Death

It was a quiet humid Monday night. The crickets were buzzing loudly in the bushes, the lights hummed outside the window, and two unsuspecting girls sat quietly typing away on their laptops. Suddenly, a scratch at the door. The girls exchange glances; Capricorn shrugs and goes back to her work. Sagg continues to stare at … Continue reading