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I used to think that serving a mission would be the hardest thing I ever did, especially as I turned 30 and accepted the fact that I might not marry in this life. Boy was I wrong! Motherhood is kicking my trash! This is a pic of me sitting in the car at a park … Continue reading

Discovering Miracles: My Birth Story

Discovering Miracles: My Birth Story

This probably isn’t going to be your typical birth story full of unicorns, flowers, rainbows, etc. But I wanted it to be real and me. It’s a long one so grab a blankie and a cup o’joe, cuz here we go! I knew from the first ultrasound that my daughter was going to be a … Continue reading

39 Week Details

39 Week Details

What Fruit are you? Baby girl is the size of a winter melon – and my back is feelin’ it Due date:  July 28th – ONE WEEK/7 DAYS AWAY! How far along:  39 weeks. Not dilated at all.  Next appointment:  Tomorrow! Last one before she’s supposed to be here Gender:  Female still. Pretty sure.   … Continue reading

Belly Discovery

Belly Discovery

How far along? 30 weeks! Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds – school’s been a doozy on me. Sleep: I sleep great! I only wake up once a night. The hardest part is going back to sleep; we have these psychotic birds right outside of our apartment that NEVER sleep and never stop chirping. Ear plugs are my … Continue reading

Discovery: A Baby Story

I know it’s been ages since I’ve blogged   and it would TAKE ages to tell my story, but as an extremely abridged update: I finally met the love of my life, moved to Louisiana, got married in the San Diego temple, and am now expecting my first baby, a girl, due this summer! (There … Continue reading

Trust or Bust: Marriage Watch

Biannually, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come together to watch living apostles and prophets deliver messages from the Lord to admonish, strengthen, and teach those listening. Whether you are Mormon or believe in no religion, issues in relationships or marriages seem to be pretty similar across the board. Lately, I’ve seen … Continue reading

Amazon Kindling 101

Here’s to hoping you’ll kindle the fire of reading and…ok I can’t finish the cheesiness. Moving on! In light of so many new tablets, laptops, apps, phones, and other electronics finding their way into the hands of more happy owners, here’s a quick tutorial/walkthrough of how to navigate through Amazon and Kindle, specifically with eBooks. … Continue reading

Are you a Dark Knight or a White Knight?

Knights: The poster children of chivalry and all that is good. Society has different versions of knights, most of them introduced to us through storytelling, such as: Knights of the Round Table via King Arthur Batman’s Dark Knight. Jedi Knights (Star Wars!) The Black Knight (A Kid in King Arthur’s Court – Daniel Craig certainly … Continue reading