Fallen Hosts Book 2 Teaser

Here’s a teaser for the second book of the Fallen Hosts Trilogy. It’ll be done sometime this summer!

The darkness hid his face from her, but she could hear the pain she was certain was written all over it when he spoke. “Why? Why him?”
Tears burned at the corners of her eyes, threatening to brim over and burn down her cheeks, but she held her head high and squared her shoulders, the moonlight casting a shadow of her that appeared much stronger than she felt.
“It’s quite simple really,” she said, her voice trembling and betraying her. She shook her head roughly and when she found her voice again, it matched her shadow.
“He’s all you lack, everything I want, and better than everything you are, or ever will be.”

Check out the first book of the trilogy, SERAPHYNX, here:


If you haven’t already, and if you have, please recommend it to a friend and/or write a review. Thanks all!


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