Amazon Kindling 101

Here’s to hoping you’ll kindle the fire of reading and…ok I can’t finish the cheesiness. Moving on!

In light of so many new tablets, laptops, apps, phones, and other electronics finding their way into the hands of more happy owners, here’s a quick tutorial/walkthrough of how to navigate through Amazon and Kindle, specifically with eBooks. I was surprised how many of my high school students were clueless how to do what I naively considered easy things, such as setting up an email account, creating usernames, using apps on their phones, and downloading an eBook on the computer, etc. Even though there’s a high poverty rate at my school, a lot of them use cell phones and laptops pretty frequently. Here’s proof of a collection from one 50 minute period alone:


That aside, I say “101” because I’m not claiming to be an expert, this is just my experience from having to teach a bunch of 14 year olds 🙂 Most people are probably not as naive as high school freshmen or our blessed elderly generation, but the below will at least be a good and quick heads up as to what to expect when getting an eBook if you’ve never gotten one before.

Getting an eBook on your computer:
1. Click “buy with one click.” (For my book this weekend (April 5-7), via
it’s free, so you’re not really “buying” anything.)
2. You’ll need to either sign in with your Amazon account you already have, or sign up for one with an email address. (I recommend Gmail or going through Google docs/drive; it’s one of the few emails that school districts won’t block just as an FYI.)
3. After you sign up, it will tell you that it doesn’t see the Kindle application on your computer. It gives you the option to download the Kindle app on a number of devices; for the computer, you’ll want to click the first option, “Kindle for PC”.
4. Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will initialize, and then have you REGISTER for the Kindle app.
5. Once you’ve done so, you have to go back to the eBook  click “buy with one click” again and presto, it tells you you’ve downloaded it to the app.

Getting an eBook on your smart phone:
1. The quickest way is to go to your App Store and search and download the Kindle app.
2. If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to first open a web browser on your phone, or use the Amazon app, and go through the same steps 1-2 above.
3. Once you’ve “bought” it, you’ll open the Kindle app and see it in one of two places, either under “Cloud” or “Device.”
4. With a Droid, you can use “search” on the Kindle app and directly download it there, or you can do steps 2-3 as well.

A really cool feature of the Kindle app is that you can rate it directly after finishing and it uploads not only to, but to Facebook and/or Twitter if you choose. As an author, I can say we appreciate all 3 or just the review if possible! 🙂

I hope this has been basic enough to help get you results; if not, feel free to comment with a question. HAPPY READING!


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