Dragons and Visions: The Magic in Imagine Dragons

One truly felt “On Top of the World” after flying high with Imagine Dragons first tour stop for the year: Home.

Dan Reynolds and his ever talented band mates gave their Las Vegas fans a special performance at Hard Rock Cafe on the strip by playing their “Night Visions” (which was #1 on iTunes the day of release) the whole way through – 11 songs played with 110% heart. Imagine Dragons home fan base included a wide variety of ages from elementary to twilight years and proved to be the only negative of the show. The amount of disrespectful children under 21 clogging up the stage was appalling, but minuscule compared to the dragon-sized show the band put on, only made sweeter by Imagine Dragons two openers Avalon Landing and American Cream. Towards the end of the set, lead singer and percussionist Dan Reynolds said, “You know, someone told me I thank my fans too much.” He laughed and then said, “I told ’em thank you and I thank you Las Vegas! We love you!”

As a fifth time attendee to Imagine Dragons performance’s, I wasn’t surprised but pleased to see that Reynolds remains as mesmerizing as ever with stage presence and audience engagement outmatched only by the natural ease of his pitch-perfect voice. The chemistry and smooth symbiosis between Reynolds and his band mates could have been thrown off by the numerous technical problems including a busted amp and Reynolds’ microphone chord falling out multiple times, but as Dan put it, “nothing was going to stop them” from giving their fans the best performance.  (You can see a clip from their performance on my Facebook page) 🙂

Perhaps the most moving and spine-shivering number was the band’s encore performance of “Nothing Left to Say/Rocks.” The harmonizing between the four during the song’s bridge was hauntingly moving without the slightest discrepancy, showing that the band members all could contribute both instrumentally and vocally – something definitely VMA worthy!

Tangible awards aside, Reynolds was right about two things: his wife is definitely hotter, and, they are the world’s best underdogs.


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