The Dark Knight Rises Above Shackles, Structures, & Spoiler Alerts?

I put a question mark after the first two words of the title because mostly because I hate the phrase “spoiler alert” that much. I can’t even put an exclamation point after it because that makes it all the more annoying. Do I appreciate the warning and want to throat kick people who ruin a game or movie for me? Absolutely! I can’t put my finger on why or how it rubs me the wrong way, but the phrase is like irritating sand in the shell of my brain that I just want to spit out much quicker than a clam does a pearl. I guess I look at it like, ok, you know spoiling is bad. Spoiled food. Spoiled rotten children (I used to teach a lot of those)…but you’re going to spoil something for me ANYWAY? Thanks?

However! Because my Mother taught me to do unto others and you would have them do unto you, and out of fear of this threat that appeared on my Facebook News Feed countless times, I will go ahead and say, there are going to be spoilers in this movie review of  “The Dark Knight Rises.” So if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve been warned! Use your free will and agency to either stop reading now or scroll down until you see this: ***END OF MOVIE REVIEW***


First: The “Savior” theme. It’s no new revelation that this theme is prevalent not only in all the Batman movies, but in most comic books, and well, stories in general . This movie, however, was extremely interesting because there seemed to be a lot of characters trying to play Savior, not just your obvious main protagonist hero.

What’s more, is that each character who tries to play Savior is hated by one or more people for their “Savior-ness” and especially takes on the “martyr” role.

What I mean by “Savior-ness” is that each character does something that either hurts them in order to save someone from something, or hurts someone else in order for there to be some greater thing to be had.

Take Albert for instance. He plays martyr and is willing to lose Bruce forever by telling him the truth. I love the line: “Maybe it’s time we try to stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day.” Quote honestly I could write a whole paper on the role that truth plays in the movie, but it most certainly has its day all throughout the movie, especially for Batman. Albert, in my eyes, is the unsung hero of the Batman series and my favorite character. ❤

Then we have Bane. His name has obvious symbolism, and he most certainly is a bane to Gotham as he goes and dedicates his life to “teaching” others – in a messed up Savior kind of way. But before that Bane sacrificed himself to protect the child. They don’t spend a whole lot of time on why this is, but the motivation appears to love, a romantic type love for the girl child. The cost is not only Savior-type physical mutilation, but hatred from the girl’s father, and having to wear the mask to prevent pain. More irony is thrown in here because it also prevents him from having a normal life with the girl – not that their life was normal at any point in time anyway. The role the masks play is another interesting thing in the movie. For Batman, the mask is a means to protect the ones he loves, while for Bane, it’s a physical protection for himself. That being said, wearing the mask is the only selfish thing Bane does. Everything else is for a cause or for someone else.

Then there’s Ms. Tate, who looks at herself as Gotham’s Savior, or looks at the bomb and her father’s dream of restoring balance to Gotham through it as a means to save people. This is interesting because it’s not the first movie out there that has put a woman in a typical male Savior’s role. If you look at Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” series, they have a woman as Christ’s daughter with the whole Illuminati business. As an aside, this movie made me wonder if all these writers write these Saviors into the script because they’re still looking for one, they don’t believe in god-type Saviors so they create extraordinary men, or they believe we have to be our own Saviors. Just food for thought.

Second: Fear. Don’t fool yourselves. The weapon in this movie isn’t any of Batman’s gadgets or guns or any of that. It’s fear. It’s what Bane plans to use to then cause the people to destroy themselves. It’s also what he uses against Batman, though it backfires on him. He uses it as a tool of torture to make Batman watch his city be destroyed, but it actually is what causes Bruce to get out of the pit – the breaking down provides the building up which provides the escape which ultimately provides Batman’s victory. Batman uses fear as a means of not only motivation, but triumph. Irony at its finest!

So, in that sense, fear is not only used as a weapon, but as a tool. And of course, we have Batman overcome yet another fear – yes, it’s a running theme with him and something we love to see any character overcome. But it’s not bat simple. *cymbal crash followed by silence and cricket’s chirping* Ok, HORRIFIC pun-joke aside, the fear in this movie isn’t as simple as getting over his fear of bats, and it’s not even about having to climb without the rope. It’s about having to stop relying on all his gadgets and fancy technology and use his soul instead as his power.

Deep. Beautiful. Two words true to the movie overall.

Now, I’ll only complain about two things. Ok, I’ll only complain about one thing and just comment on the other. Hidden message/propaganda? The whole “when structures become shackles” it has to be stopped type thing, which is cool because that’s how Robin becomes Robin, but I guess I just don’t like seeing people with good intentions being hated on (cops). And my main complaint: The whole “love” story thing. He’s ruined by the truth about Rachel choosing the blonde hottie TwoFace but then *bam* he falls head over heels in love with Tate, which they show by a combination of having them kiss out of nowhere n sleep together. Then they add insult to injury by having him say he’s going to come back for her?? And then *bam* he and Catwoman run away together even though she was the cause of his financial ruin. I mean come on! That’s not even love at first sight bad, it’s Hollywood saying, “Let’s put the poor orphaned boy with the poor tragic “I steal because others don’t deserve it and I’m supposed to be a princess, so feel bad for me for being the tragic character that I am” girl!” Do guys really like that and for it to work out that way? Please tell me no. I feel it was like, “Well, we want chicks to spend money on our movie too, so we’ll thrown in a half-ace type love story to keep them happy.” Dude, then you don’t know chicks very well. We don’t buy into crap love stories ok? Psshhhh. Otherwise! 5/5. Friggin loved it. Will see it again.


And now for the discovery part of all of this, being that my blog is called “Dating and Discovery.” I did go on a sort of date to this movie. Don’t make me get into that. Let’s focus on the discovery! I meant to blog about this yesterday…<—see those dots? Although I think most people misuse them, especially within the realm of texting, I use those dots with purpose. I also use them with the right purpose: to show trailing off and/or hesitancy if we’re getting writing dialogue technical. Anyway, the point is, I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post on purpose. Why? Three reasons.

The #1 reason you already saw at the very beginning. Second, this post was my first attempt to write a movie review and I have no idea WTF I’m doing so anticipating an epic fail isn’t fun. Third, I’ve come to the conclusion that girls who are writers should NEVER review a movie. I’m a BYU trained English writer who loves analysis/ripping apart words for deeper meaning! I pick out all the great or cheesy one liners for ideas for movie scripts, I focus on how the script was written, I think about my writing and my books and compare them with what I’m seeing. Combine that with the tiny fact that I’m a girl, which means I am a PRO at over analyzing anyway, and voila, you have a recipe for movie review disaster. Moral of the story: I’ve become a firm believer that men should be the only movie reviewers because they’re so good at being so bloody objective. The end.


One thought on “The Dark Knight Rises Above Shackles, Structures, & Spoiler Alerts?

  1. The review and spoiler fiasco really added the fuss this movie gets. I, personally, don’t watch previews, read reviews and most esp. Don’t follow the progress of the movie before it even gets to coming soon movie previews.

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