Date with Death

It was a quiet humid Monday night. The crickets were buzzing loudly in the bushes, the lights hummed outside the window, and two unsuspecting girls sat quietly typing away on their laptops. Suddenly, a scratch at the door. The girls exchange glances; Capricorn shrugs and goes back to her work. Sagg continues to stare at the door.

Cap, going back to typing: It’s probably just a cat. Don’t worry, the Scottish girl warrior in me will come out if someone’s out there.

Sagg (whispering): My heart is beating in and out of my chest right now!

More scratching and a distinct clicking sound. Capricorn lifts her head, waits, then hears more scratching. Sagg has leapt off of the couch at this point. Cap waves her hand at Sagg and motions for her to go to the kitchen, then slowly gets up and mans her phone with three numbers: 911. Sagg grabs two butcher knives from the kitchen drawer, hands one to Capricorn, and goes to hide in the hallway while Capricorn slowly unlocks door.

Bread knife, butcher knife, and 911 is how we chose to protect ourselves

Cap (in a hissing whisper): Really?! You’re gonna leave me to fight alone?

Sagg: Don’t open the door!

Capricorn grips the knife then whips open the door. A gigantic insect with loud buzzing wing dive bombs her.

Girly screaming and freaking out ensues from Cap.

Sagg, from hallway: Shut the door! Are you sure there’s no one out there? Did you check the stairs? Will you put your head out there and look for sure?

Cap: …

Although I laugh aloud even as I record this experience, there were all sorts of thoughts running through my head as I stood at the door preparing to open it, like “I shouldn’t have brought that aluminum bat to my parent’s house”, “Maybe I should get serious about getting that concealed weapons permit after all,” “Should I call the cops first? Is there even time?”

But I had only one thought when I saved my roommate from the nasty thing and finally closed and locked the door: “I wish I had someone to protect me.” Ironically, about half an hour before this scary experience, my roommate had been reading love horoscopes to me based on astrological sign compatibility. We are both pretty skeptical of horoscopes and all that mumbo jumbo, and I remained a skeptic as she read. Although I tuned in and out as she went through each sign, I did notice something that kept getting repeated: Capricorns have a need to feel protected.

The thought combined with the realization of what now appeared to be true left a sour taste in my mouth. Even now I hate admitting this openly, but love and writing has a way of doing that: scathing one’s soul and bearing it to the world, leaving it completely vulnerable. Previous to tonight, I haven’t had too many experiences feeling like I need protecting because a.) I’m the oldest sibling, with no older brothers, and a father that worked a lot, so it was me and my mom doing the protecting and watching out for the needs of my six brothers and sister, b.) I served a mission for 18 months, and during that time, even as I walked down the streets of a city that held the highest murder rate at the time, I knew I wasn’t going to get capped, c.) I grew up in a small town where you never locked doors or windows or worried about walking the streets at 2 a.m., and d: I’m not exactly a tiny petite thing; even though I look very girly girl with my french manicure nails, dresses, jewelry, etc, I also have an athletic build that shows I could handle myself. When I played rugby at BYU, they called me “The Dozer” because I would plow through lines of girls. Even during practice my teammates eventually just stepped aside when I made a dash for the end zone.

You may be asking yourself, “So what?” Well, the point of all of this is that we all have needs. If you look at our world it’s easy to see what types of sad things happen when needs aren’t met: bankruptcy, starvation, suicides and homicides, people losing their homes – the list goes on and on. We also have needs specific to relationships, and we should seek to find someone who can fulfill our needs in a healthy way, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and temporally. Those needs vary from person to person, but if they aren’t fulfilled, we often go looking for them to be met in all the wrong places or find that we are unhappy.  If I think about my close friends and family members, I can identify at least one need they have, or a person who is fulfilling a need for them. It’s important for us to identify and come to terms with those needs so that we can look for compatible companions in relationships, or discuss those needs openly through healthy communication with our significant other. I think there would be a lot less cheating, lying, abuse, murder, and hatred between people if everyone would do this As for me, after tonight, I’ve decided I want a date with a bodyguard, not just to meet my needs, but if there ever be a real “date with death”, he can save me.


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