Dating and Disney: From Fairy Tale to Reality

Believe it or not, Disney can help your dating/married life

 Thanks to Disney, little girls around the world grow up dreaming of their own “Happily Ever After” complete with a castle, perfect Prince, and all the possessions that go with a perfect upper class life. I’ve met a lot of guys who feel like Disney and other fairy tale creators like Jane Austen have made their job to ask girls out difficult because the girl will hold them up against these Princes – that’s a lot of pressure. This has been on my mind a lot as of late, because, for reasons that allude me, there’s been an over saturation of different interpretations of Snow White on-screen, including and not limited to ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, and “Mirror Mirror.” My favorite Disney princess has always been Sleeping Beauty, and I was distraught to see she didn’t make it onto any of “Once Upon a Time”‘s episodes! Although there is an abundance of similarities between the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, by closely examining the fine print, we can easily see why Sleeping Beauty is not only the greater story, but a good model for true love seekers and cultivating lasting relationships.

First, let’s examine some similarities.


1. Beautiful Princesses

2. Sleep induced by jealous woman

3. Saved by a Prince

4. Tricked by magic

5. Gifted with song

6. Animal whisperer

7. Awakened by true love’s kiss

8. Both spend most of their childhood not living as princesses should.

9. Both approached by strangers

10. Both women villains either don’t have hair, or don’t like to show it?

Now for the differences:


Mother and Father                                              Father only

Villain = Maleficent                                            Villain = Stepmother

Pricks finger on spinning wheel                       Eats poison apple

Maleficent turns into a dragon                         Stepmother turns into old hag

Fairies help her                                                    Dwarfs help her

Last, but not least, here’s ten reasons why Sleeping Beauty is the better fairy tale, and some real life applications for man and woman alike.

1. Maleficent is the better villain because she:

a. Goes and takes care of business herself, wasting no time. She shows up to a party, uninvited, puts a curse on Sleeping Beauty, sends demons out to kill her, then makes SB prick her finger. Snow White’s step mother lazily sends a huntsman so she doesn’t ruin her red nail manicure, then gets all huffy when she has to go do it herself.

b. Has awesome magic powers and that staff? Radical! What’s coolest is that she turns into a beastin’ dragon and fights the prince.

c. Has her own villain lair of a castle and an entire army at her disposal without stealin’ it from no man.

Real life application: If you want something done, “git ‘er done!” Don’t ask a friend to go do your dirty work as far as asking someone out, or it may backfire on you. A woman appreciates a man who has the balls to work hard to get her affections, and relationships can have a lot less contention if both are hard-working. Just don’t plan to kill someone…

2. Maleficent is smarter than Snow White’s stepmother. Instead of punishing the parents for not inviting her, she goes after their child. She tricks the Prince into coming to the cottage, then kidnaps him and throws him in the dungeons. Snow White’s step mother uses deceit and disguise as well, but it’s not nearly as impressive.

Real life application: If the cray-cray stepmother or a witch (maybe an ex?) goes after someone you love, be ready to outsmart her. With at least a Plan A and Plan B.

3. The Princes: First off, the Snow White’s Prince plays such a small role in the story that he doesn’t even have a name (ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” steals Prince Charming from Cinderella). Secondly, Prince Philip is way more of a stud than Prince Nameless not only in looks, but in prowess. He fights hard for the attention and affection of Sleeping Beauty, sets up a solid second date with a time and place, sings to her, shows off his swordplay skills and horseback riding, and is willing to risk his life for the love of his life, proven by his fighting his way through a forest of thorns and a witch-turned-fire breathing-dragon! *dreamy sigh*

Real life application: Find a well-rounded person who knows how to court, and who would also happen to fight and die for you, and then keep improving together!

4. Access to Snow White is easy. Almost too easy. She’s in a glass coffin. He walks through the forest, opens it, gets the girl, and rides off into the sunset with her to their new crib. We don’t get to know him as a character. With Prince Philip, we see him grow up and overcome trials. We become attached to the character as we join him on his journey and root him on when he finally gets the girl.

Real life application #1: Get to know someone before you run off and marry them, or the chances of it being “happily ever after” are about as good as the U.S. divorce rate percentage.

Real life application #2: Don’t be easy.

5. The love story in “Sleeping Beauty” is simply more realistic than Snow White’s tale. Prince Philip and Princess Aurora were betrothed from the get-go, meet again later as teenagers, unaware of who they are in relation to that betrothal, become heart-broken by discovery of the betrothal to who they think are different people, and then have to fight and face insurmountable difficulties to finally be together. How often do we see the Snow White’s “love at first sight” situation in real life, and if we do, is it love or lust, and does it last as long?

Real life application: Be realistic with your expectations when finding “the one”, and face the fact that it’s probably not going to be easy and a lot of work even when you do find them.

6. The time limit in “Sleeping Beauty” gives the story a “page turner” feeling. They have until her sixteenth birthday before she’s supposed to die, only so long to get the Prince out of Maleficent’s castle, etc. Sleeping Beauty’s curse is also more imminent, which makes for a better story. Both princesses have the curse of beauty, which is one reason why the two villains want them dead in the first place, but Sleeping Beauty is also cursed with death on her sixteenth birthday. The race against time and fate makes for a much more interesting story as opposed to Snow White’s being hated on for just being pretty. Boo-hoo.

Real life application: Date and love as much as you can against your biological clock, because you never know when your own time is up

7.  Dwarves vs. fairy godmothers…need I say more?

8. Sleeping Beauty has a real name: Briar Rose/Aurora. Snow White? Well, we guess that’s her real name…

Real life application: Know the first and last name of the person you’re interested in, and the names of those important to them.

9. The animation used in “Sleeping Beauty” was the first of its kind and is still a marvel to look at with the intricate detail and gorgeous attention to medieval decor with the castle, clothing, and  amazing color! There’s even a whole documentary out on the breaking phenomenon the animation was.

Real life application: Your love life, if were painted out or in artistic form, should be a marvel to look at, and it wouldn’t hurt if it was groundbreaking or epic either! 🙂

10. Snow White ignoring the whole “Don’t talk to strangers!” bit is worse than Sleeping Beauty’s because she takes candy from a stranger, and not just any old stranger, an ugly ol’ hag. Apparently no one taught her the rules of trick or treat! Granted, Sleeping Beauty does a little singing and dancing with a stranger, but he’s a genuine and gentlemanly stranger, and she insists she was told not to talk to strangers, then firmly declines any further communication until he comes to the house full of responsible adult fairies with magic for a second meeting.

Which type of stranger would you talk to?! Hmm, tough decision..

Real life application: Whether it be a blind date, randomly meeting someone somewhere, or someone you’ve known for a while, use common sense!

Whether you’re looking for your own Prince or Princess, or are living in your “happily ever after”, your relationship can be a fairy tale if you apply the lessons learned together, good and bad. Change your “once upon a dream” to your very own “once upon a time” story for generations to come!


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